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Double or Nothing just became the new standard.

The new TwinStrike™ gives you two arrows locked and loaded for double the confidence. Double the opportunity and zero reasons to choose anything less.

The new TwinStrike is the first crossbow of its kind, giving you Excalibur™ signature durability—but now, an immediate follow-up shot the moment you need it. Don’t just enter the hunt. Ace the hunt. With a pair of shots.

DualFire Technology

DualFire Technology, engineered to accurately fire two shots from a single crossbow with tight grouping from any distance. DualFire features 3 key components:

Two-Trigger Platform

  • Double, independent match-grade 4 lb. friction-less triggers.
  • Front trigger fires the top rail, back trigger fires the bottom rail.
  • A quick second shot, within milliseconds

CeaseFire Technology

  • Ensures your crossbow will not fire unless an arrow is loaded.
  • Works in conjunction with Excalibur’s new Rhino Nock.
  • Reinforced safety and extra anti dry-fire insurance

Over/ Under Rail System

  • Perfectly balanced featuring an external Charger EXT crank.
  • Optimized accuracy at any distance.
  • Compact over/under setup combined with a shoot through the riser for increased consistency and accuracy.
  • Speed (Up To) - 360 FPS
  • Weight - 7.75 LBS
  • Cocking Effort - 14 LBS
  • Draw Weight -358 LBS
  • Draw Length -14.125 in
  • Overall Length -33.375 in
  • Width Cocked / Uncocked -21.125 in / 25.25 in
  • Stock -Overmolded Bullpup

The TwinStrike is legal in any state where crossbow hunting is legal.

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