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One of the most appealing features of entry-level, “ready to hunt” crossbows is they are literally ready to hunt right out of the box. Little or no assembly is required because the majority of the tool work and adjustments have been done at the factory. Other than mounting a scope and quiver (a 10-minute process even for shooters with 10 thumbs), these inexpensive, sturdy and accurate crossbows will do what the most complicated, advanced (and expensive) crossbows can do — i.e., deliver arrows with speed and accuracy under typical hunting conditions.

Such is the case with the new BearX Intense, a no-frills crossbow that comes fully assembled in a basic package that includes a scope, quiver, cocking rope, three arrows and 100-grain field tips. No more is promised, no more is given, but in truth that’s all a hunter needs to meet the challenges of crossbow hunting from a blind or treestand.

The Intense is offered in a Veil Stoke or TrueTimber Strata camo-pattern composite stock with camouflaged split limbs. Nothing is adjustable on the main frame (stock or grip), however, there is wiggle room provided by changing the position of the included illuminated scope via the Picatinny rail. The set up gives shooters about 6 inches to play with in terms of scope eye-relief, which should be more than enough for hunters up to 6 feet, 6 inches tall. I’m 5 feet 10 inches and found the scope to be just right with the rear-most mount set in the first available rail slot.

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