Daiwa Tatula 80 Baitcasting Reel 6.3:1 Right Hand

Daiwa Tatula 80 Baitcasting Reel 6.3:1 Right Hand

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  • The Daiwa Tatula 80 is a new, aluminum-frame, high performance, compact baitcasting reel. Also called the TW 80 for the Daiwa Tatula T-Wing system.
  • The Tatula 80 was designed with finesse fishing in mind, so this is a baitcaster that you can use to toss even lightweight finesse baits!
  • With heavier baits, like spinnerbaits, football jigs and smaller cranks, you can really launch them for long and accurate casting.
  • The Magforce Z system lets you easily control your casts and technologies like the hyperdrive don't sacrifice the power you need to land your fish.
  • Left and Right hand retrieve options available in several different gear ratios!

The Daiwa Tatula 80 features an aluminum frame, aluminum handle side plate, and is extremely palmable. It contains Daiwa's esteemed Magforce casting system on the non-handle side. With regards to gearing, it also contains Daiwa's Hyperdrive gearing system for very smooth cranking and fluid-like rotation.

Daiwa's T-Wing System level-wind opens up line feed and it also features a 32mm 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum spool. The overall weight of the spool is very light because it's smaller but allows better inertia and start-up for casting lighter lures. It performs extremely well with lures that have poor aerodynamics. The reel also features a 90mm swept handle, which is pretty much the same handle used on most of the Tatula lineup. While the reel is smaller and more palmable, utilizing this handle size allows to have the same feel of handle rotation.

Tatula 80 also features 9.9 pounds of drag while most of the Tatula lineup features 11 pounds of drag. The Tatula 80 does feature slightly less drag because it's a finesse reel. It's designed ideally for 10 or 12 pound fluorocarbon or monofilament and 8 to 20 pound test braid.