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Scum Frog Trophy Series

A definite big fish bait! This weighted, meal-sized Scum Frog® Trophy Series answers the call when more tantalizing movement is needed to tempt stubborn grass bass. Sitting higher in the water than standard frogs, the Trophy Series Scum Frog is equipped with long, supple filament legs, for an easy-to-work erratic kicking action no other bait can duplicate. Best fished with short twitches in the heavy stuff; in open water, you can easily impart a natural bobbing, swimming motion. Bass can easily see the Trophy Series' large 3/8" reflective eyes, but its ultrasharp Owner™ hooks are virtually invisible from underneath!

  • Big, pre-weighted bait for big fish
  • Sits higher in the water than standard frogs
  • Long, supple filament legs deliver erratic kicking action
  • Large, easily-seen 3/8" reflective eyes
  • Ultrasharp, well-hidden Owner hooks

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