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One of the most deadly shad imitators ever created, Salmo Replicant Shad redefines matching the hatch and perfectly mimics a small shad that all bass love to feed on. Built to replicate the look and action of a real live shad, the Salmo Replicant Shad features 3D gill plates, anatomically correct fins, 3D eyes, and is covered in a lifelike printed paint job that brings it to life once it hits the water. It also features a wide paddle tail for maximum action and a heavy internal weight that keeps it perfectly balanced in any section of the water column at any retrieve speed.

Super tough as well, the Salmo Replicant Shad is made from a robust rubber material that provides extreme durability but doesn’t sacrifice any action. It also features a stout top jig hook accompanied by a Mustad KVD Triple Grip treble hook that is attached to a swiveling hook hanger, which delivers unrivaled hook-ups and landing ratios. Offered in multiple sizes so you can perfectly match the shad on your body of water, the Salmo Replicant Shad delivers unmatched realism and performance that will keep your rod bent and your livewell full.

Salmo Length Weight Class
Replicant Shad 3.5" 0.5oz Sinking
Replicant Shad 4.7" 1.1oz Sinking

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