Rapala Glass Shad Rap

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Rapala Glass Shad Raps offer molded high-impact plastic with holographic foil insert that allows the chameleon-like Glass Shad Rap to pick up the color of its surroundings and bounce the same color back in an iridescent glow. When fished in bright sunlight or low light, the lure looks completely natural, adapting to the current conditions.


Glass Shad Raps suspend on pause and swims with a slightly different action than the legendary balsa model. Add internal rattle, VMC black nickel hooks and hand-tuned and tank-tested features, this lure truly has it all.

  • See-thru glass body
  • Rattlin' and suspending
  • Long-casting
  • Unique wobble
  • Holographic eye
  • VMC black nickel treble hooks
  • Hand tuned and tank tested
  • Qty. per pack: 1

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