Jackall Archelon 4 1/2" Soft Plastic Creature Bait 5 pk

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You'll never need another flipping and pitching bait once you get your hands on the Jackall Archelon! With a thick, ribbed body, the Archelon have more durability compared to other beaver style soft baits. Its hollow cavity is perfect for adding your own rattle to its alluring profile. Featuring flappy legs and a small tail, it moves a lot of water to grab the attention of disinterested bass. If you love flipping and pitching in heavy cover, you need to try the Jackall Archelon!

  • Hollow body for addition of a rattle
  • Beaver-like appendages
  • Durable yet soft plastic construction
  • Specially formulated for flipping and pitching
  • Qty. per Pack: 5