Groove Life Silicone Ring Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo Mens Size 12

Groove Life Silicone Ring Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo Mens Size 12

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Groove Camo Silicone Ring - Original - Mossy Oak® Bottomland. Our partnership with Mossy Oak® has allowed us to create designs never before seen on rings! Made of a high elastomer blend, these rings are made to be as comfortable as possible.

Like our other lines, this camo silicone ring is tough, low profile, and comes with an UNLIMITED Lifetime Warranty. It is the last ring you will ever buy! Hunting, fishing or just wanting to display your outdoor lifestyle, Groove begs to be worn, shown and tested every day no matter what the circumstance.

Groove "Original" is what started it all. This ring was first seen on Kickstarter in December of 2015 and launched Groove Ring into the world. Still our best seller, the Groove Original is 8mm wide and super low profile. Groove is the only active ring on the market to offer breathability. Because of this Groove is to be worn snug on your finger which keeps your ring from catching and grabbing on things in your environment.

Groove is the first and only active ring to be liquid poured. This means fine detail and perfect design with little to no mold marks or flaws. Groove is resistant to most common chemicals including gasoline, oil, diesel, & household cleaning products.