Freedom Ultra Diver Minnow

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A Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Minnow gets deep quickly! A large bill pushes these crankbaits down to where the fish are – the smaller 3/8 oz. Minnow 75 model attains a casting depth of 10+ feet and trolls for 18+ feet deep waters. The larger Minnow 105 is the one to grab if you want to launch and crank it at depths of 14+ feet or reach 25+ foot depths on the troll.

Ultra Diver Minnows initiate the chase! Premium finish details of realistic gill, fin, and scales mimic those on a live bait fish. The weight transfer system and internal rattles help you send out casts true. When retrieved or trolled, they make enough commotion underwater to bring curious fish swimming and then charging after the minnow lure. A pair of VMC black nickel treble hooks fore and aft puncture and pin fish to the bait so you can reel in your catch. The Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Minnow is armed and ready for anything!

  • Internal rattle system
  • Ultra quick diving
  • Premium paint finishes
  • Premium VMC black nickel hooks
  • Qty. per pack:1

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