VMC Bladed Hybrid Quik Strike Trailer Hook

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The VMC Bladed Hybrid Quik Strike Trailer Hook features quality components designed to attract and then pin fish after hitting your bait. The Bladed Quik Strike Trailer is a hybrid stinger rig with a spinning willow blade's flash and attraction at the end of the trailing #10 treble hook.

The trailer hook rig assembled with Sufix 12 lb. fluoro, also consists of a VMC Crossover Cap for a direct connection to a jig hook, and a resin-sealed Fast Snap connector swivel to maximize flash of the blade. Connect to any live bait or hair jig, and bass or other predatory fish can find your bait. Attaching a trailer hook to your favorite jigheads is a snap! Add maximum flash to your baits by getting the easy connecting VMC Bladed Hybrid Quik Strike Trailer Hook!

  • Attaches to jig to help catch short strikers
  • VMC Crossover Cap holds trailer secure
  • "Fast-Snap" connector resin sealed swivel & willow blade for maximum rotation & flash
  • Hybrid treble hook – short shank, hi-carbon steel; black nickel or tin red finish
  • Sufix 12 lb. fluorocarbon leader
  • Pre-tied and ready to fish
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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