Berkley Hit Stick Hard Bait

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Benefits + Key uses:

We packed a lot of science into a little minnow. Explore the engineering behind this groundbreaking bait to learn how the Hit Stick works its fish-catching magic.

FlashDisc Technology

Built into the belly of the Hit Stick, our proprietary FlashDisc™ technology increases the bait’s tracking accuracy and exaggerates its roll and flash, a combination that triggers more bites than our competitors.

Natural Presentation

Whenever we develop a new product, we first study Mother Nature for direction. With realistic scale patterns, precise gill plate features, and a forward-facing bill that drives realistic swim action, the Hit Stick looks and moves like a real minnow.


Fish will tell you what they like if you’re willing to listen. For a decade, our scientists worked in tandem with professional anglers to put Hit Stick prototypes through rigorous testing in the lab and on the water.


Heavier than traditional wooden baits, Hit Sticks are easier to cast and can be launched 60% further.


The hardened polycarbonate exterior of the Hit Stick is lab-tested and field-proven to be three times tougher than balsa wood. Even the toothiest walleye won’t shred this bait.


The Hit Stick comes in seven different sizes and 20 unique colors. Whether you’re trolling for walleye, jerking for bass, or casting for trout, there’s a Hit Stick with the right size and style guaranteed to attract even the toughest of bites.


Unlike balsa baits, which vary in performance depending on the grain and cut of the wood, each and every Hit Stick delivers the same consistent results thanks to fine-tuned precision molding.

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